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I just hope he doesn't ask me to sing

Talking with Gunn had done a pretty good job of keeping my spirits up. Okay, so maybe it was a little bit of false optimism, as we really had absolutely no idea what in the hell to do about The First and its new bag of tricks. But Gunn's confidence in the team's ability to beat the odds reminded me of the fact that we had done so a whole lot of that in the last few years.

I crossed through the lobby, heading for the stairs. Buffy, Willow and Xander were standing together in a small knot over to one side, and the sight made me smile. There was something just as encouraging about seeing those three being those three. Like anything in the world could happen, and as long as those three were friends, it'd be okay.

There had been a time when it had been like that for me, Cordy and Wes.

I wasn't jealous. No. Maybe a little.

Speaking of Wes and Cordy, they were gathered behind the front desk, in full-on research mode. Of that, I was definitely not jealous. Illyria creeped me out as much as anyone else, and how Wes could stand to be around it as much as he was, I couldn't quite get. Why he did it, though, I think we had all known.

I walked upstairs, and found myself outside Lorne's door. I knocked softly.

"Lorne? It's Angel."

Waiting, I just hoped that a reading wasn't in order tonight.

((Open to Lorne.))
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