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Cordelia Chase

It took enough fake yawns for him to get the hint, but Wesley finally called it a night on research. And him actually telling me to get some sleep? That just meant my performance was particularly Oscar worthy. It wasn't that I didn't want to help, I just didn't have anything else to give at the moment. Besides, this whole thing with my newfound sympathy for Illyria? It caught me off guard, and I know it was the shocker of the year for Wes. I think that I'm starting to understand how confusing this world is for someone who doesn't know how it works. It's probably similar to the way that I felt in Pylea. The feeling of complete cluelessness sucks, especially when you're used to being in the know about stuff like that. She needs less criticism and more constructive suggestions with positive reinforcement. Like a puppy.

If no one else wants to do the dirty work, it's not going to kill me to help Wes get her housebroken. It might take me to levels of insanity, but if I end up with a room at the loony bin, I'll have my best friend there to keep me company.

God, I need to talk to him about that...preferably not when we have such a huge problem to deal with, but sometime soon. We need some one-on-one time to talk about Fred, and about Illyria. I won't let him deal with this on his own, Wesley deserves better than that; I think we both do.

Time for bed, or maybe just for a little downtime, I haven't had much of that lately...especially if you define 'lately' as the past four years.

I let my hair down and threw the ponytail clip on the bureau, then took out my pajamas and started to unfasten the buttons on my shirt when Xander walked in.

That's what I get for leaving the door open.

"Hey. Is it obvious that I really wasn't expecting that anybody would be looking for me tonight?"

It's not like he's getting a new view, the stuff I used to wear when I violated the dress code in Sunnydale was probably worse than this. I smiled and started buttoning up my shirt again.

"What's going on?"

(open to Xander)
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