Willowy Megness (wishingwillow) wrote in iftomorrow,
Willowy Megness

A Face I Used to Know

"Will, if it's a no-go on the mojo, could you check up with that blue chick? She sorta freaks me out. Plus, Angel says you knew Fred so maybe you could talk to her and it would, I dunno, actually make sense?"

I thought about Buffy's words as I headed to Illyria. Yes, Fred and I had understood each other frighteningly well, and I don't think I would ever hear her name again without being sad that I would never get to know her even better, possibly taking our 'yammering' to new heights. But I would also to have been blind to think that any realationship with Fred would have helped me better communicate with the creature before me.

That was not Fred.

Illyria's back was towards me, arms extended as she waved then in a strange motion over books spread out before her. Quietly I walked about to the other side of the desk so that I could meet her eyes.

They were ice blue.

I hadn't noticed that before.

I held her gaze.


((open to Illyria))
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