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Someplace to go

Unfortunately, my brief conversation with Giles had confirmed my worst apprehensions-- that there was so precious little in any written history known to humans regarding The First that there might as well be none. Not a single whit of information regarding weakness or the source of its power, and certainly nothing about the possiblity of it gaining tangibility. My research had quite literally reached a dead end, and I had no idea what next to do.

I walked through the lobby, stepping into the office. The office, which I supposed now might be more properly termed 'Angel's office', as I was persona non grata for some time and Angel would have obviously resumed the mantle of leadership. Still, as it was currently unoccupied, and as I was looking for a place where I might be able to gather my thoughts... and, perhaps, hide out from faces I didn't particularly feel like seeing at the moment.

I left the door ajar enough to listen for anything resembling trouble, and settled behind the desk with one of the books that was safe-kept here in the office.

((Open to anyone in the lobby.))
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