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Review the Troops

With not a lot accomplished by our little meeting apart from warming our friendliness back up, Buffy and I left the office and split up. Both of us were concerned with "our people"-- although, now that I think about it, everyone in the hotel now counted as "our" people.

That was a situation that could get very interesting. I wondered if everyone, Buffy and myself included, was ready for us both to be in charge. Hmm.

Wes, Cordy and Illyria were a knot behind the front desk. Good, they were doing what I'd hoped they would. I didn't count on Illyria sharing, or even having any information on The First that would really give us an edge, but we had to try everything. All we had to do was miss one possibility, and we'd all be dead and the world with us.

Spike and Faith were over on the other side of the room, and I think that was best. I didn't want to think about them at the moment, beyond hoping that Faith knew what she was doing.

Turning, I headed off into the hotel to find the others.

((Open to Gunn and/or Lorne.))
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