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Just the Scoobies

I smiled at Xander and Willow, one arm around each of them. This was right. This felt right. "I wonder where Dawnie went, I mean...ok, I sorta lied to her when I said Connor wanted to see her, I was really just suggesting since Angel was suggesting and...I mean...eww, they're like cousins or something!"

Bad bad bad thoughts. Go away.

I looked across the lobby to where Faith and Spike were still standing and sighed. What was up with them? Ok, besides the obvious.

"Anyone here besides me think the whole Spike and Faith thing is just...ick?"

Not that I was jealous. Cuz I sooo wasn't. It was...it...it was FAITH! And SPIKE! I shook my head as if that would actually help work.

"Um, so...when I talked with Angel, it actually really didn't help much." I nodded over to where Wesley, Cordelia, and the Blue Girl (couldn't remember her name) were looking up stuff in books. "But we have our crack team researching The First since it's all corporeal."

I frowned at Willow. "And, what's wrong with using magic to help? Don't you guys think we need as much help as possible to stop it?"

((Open for Willow and Xander))
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