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There was a loud clatter as Connor set his armful of weapons down on the basement's cold cement floor. He'd grabbed everything he thought they might need, including some extra guards and padding from the weapons locker. Dawn had said that she was interested in swordplay, but it was important to teach her the basics first. Blocking, specifically. She would be going nowhere fast if she didn't know how to block. Connor had brought down his own broadsword for himself, but he had brought a wider variety of weapons for Dawn: longswords, shortswords, a rusty-looking broadsword, and two rapiers -- one for each of them. Judging by her size and skill level, that last one would be the best place to start.

Sitting himself down on a dusty old cardboard box, he clasped his hands together and rested his elbows on his knees, looking towards the stairs as he waited for Dawn to appear. This, at the very least, was going to be very interesting. He silently hoped that she could at least keep her balance... he didn't think they would get very far if she spent the whole lesson crashing into things.

((Tag to Dawn!))
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