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I stayed in the smaller kitchen after Angel left for a couple of reasons.

One, I really liked my coffee.

Two? I didn't want to have to go out there and face everyone, telling them that after all this talking, Angel and I had come up with...nothing. No big plans, except for the whatever-spell he'd mentioned we could put on the hotel. Nothing. Sure, Xander was supposed to be talking to Cordelia to see if she'd had visions, but I hadn'r talked to Xander so...no clue there. Willow was supposed to be talking to the blue girl to see what she knew since Angel said she was all old or something. Dawn was supposed to be with Connor - which I actually hoped was going well, seeing as how Angel was right. They were the only kids in the hotel and sometimes, I'd bet, we left them out of things. Not on purpose, but y'know how it goes.

Wesley was our research guy and I hadn't seen him around...Gunn? No clue...Lorne was maybe in his room? Or possibly dead, for all I knew since I wasn't moving.

Which, of course, brought me to my two least favorite people at the moment.

Ok, so here I am TRYING to wrap my mind around the weirdness that is Spike and Faith. After all of my time with Faith recently, I'd thought we'd come to some sorta agreement. Or truce, or whatever. But, no. She comes in with Spike - who, HELLO! Last time I'd seen him he was dead! - and they are now a psuedo-couple.

I didn't know who I was more angry at. Spike, Faith, or myself.

Maybe The First was really a good guy, and that was the reason it had chosen to beat them up. Like, a special Buffy-gift or something.

Angel talking to Faith would be good, since I just could NOT bring myself to talk to her yet. And Spike? Ok, so sooner or later I'd have to talk to him and everything, but...it hurt. I wasn't sure why, but it did.

At least I wasn't this messed up when I talked to Angel, but I think he was. Y'know, with having a son and whatever it was he had or didn't with Cordelia. Yeah, I'd given my stupid little speech to him, yeah, he'd come to Sunnydale, like, VERY recently to help me out and kissed me and...yeah. Tall, dark stranger waltzing in to help save the day when you least expect it. Must be part of his job description in his whole "I will redeem myself" thing.

Ok, back to The First. Cuz I so needed to stop thinking about Angel. And I would. Right now.

I took another sip of coffee and stayed right where I was.
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