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The Other Shoe

As talks go, I guess the one I had with Faith hadn't gone all that badly. Sure, we were in just about complete disagreement when it came to Spike, but like I'd told her, that wasn't the point of talking to her. Unfortunately, the real point had been to find out anything she remembered about her fight with The First that would give us any kind of help.

That part, well, it didn't go so well. Faith hadn't been able to share anything that we didn't already know. And we knew just about nothing.

And out of everything, that was the worst part. With almost everything we'd gone up against, there was something that we could find out about it. Most things, except maybe Illyria, weren't so old or so rarely seen that there was next-to-nothing written about it in the kind of books we had. And we had been able to find Illyria in one of the more ancient volumes we had.

But The First came before everything and was almost always acting through intermediaries. There was so little recorded about the goddamn thing that every move we made was just flailing in the dark.

Speaking of flailing, though, I start to wonder just when The First was going to take another swing at us. I couldn't reember ever being this willing to see the big bad on our doorsetp, but it had been way too long since any of us had scene the thing. Time was not our ally.

Right now, we were huddling together, circling the wagons and waiting for the rain of fire-- scared, timid and confused. As I walked back up into the lobby, all I could think about was wondering when it would finally all come down around us.

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