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War is hell -- as the saying goes -- sometimes literally. Most of us remember that fateful battle underneath what used to be Sunnydale High in the heart of Sunnydale, California. Most of the residents there simply referred to it as "The Hellmouth", when Buffy, Faith, a handfull of slayers and allies stood toe-to-toe with The First. How the small force stood ready to do battle against the impossible odds The First pitted them against must've been a heroic and patriotic sight indeed.

If they'd won.

What would the world be like today if they had? If Anya, Kennedy, Robin, and the other slayers hadn't met their final fates? If the amulet Spike donned had completed its task instead of simply capturing his essence when he was struck down before the Hellmouth could be closed? What if The First had captured that amulet instead of Faith when she and Buffy were fleeing in retreat? Would he be able to reattain the power he'd lost when Sunnydale collapsed into the earth while the survivors sped away from the collapsing town?

We may always wonder these questions but the harsh reality must be faced. Sunnydale's Hellmouth remains open and from it is born the black cloud of evil that'd slowly begun to seep over the skies of California. Had The First been totally victorious it would already be over of the life we all know. Instead he's detained to lie in wait, reverting back to his old illusions and trickery. The downside for our would-be saviors is he retains a physical form and lingers somewhere in the darkness of the one place Buffy and the others sought sanctuary: Los Angeles.

The black cloud draws closer to L.A. skies, blanketing the sun as it goes and allowing all manner of night creatures to emerge. It will continue to grow and pervert the very reality that we know until and unless The First is brought to his knees.. and the Hellmouth is finally sealed.

Yes, Los Angeles, where unsuspecting Angel and his crew were celebrating the falling of their one major roadblock: the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart. They knew not for how long but it was known that Angel Investigations now had the reins of supernatural justice within the limits of the city. Indeed things were finally looking up for the soul-enriched vampire and his knights -- until the night the Scoobies crashed through the door of the office with demonic minions of The First pursuing but a step behind. Obviously without question Angel lept into battle with his once-upon-a-time teammates. It wasn't until the battle was won and odd looks were exchanged all around did Buffy clue Angel in on what had taken place.. and what she had inadvertently brought with her to his city. He could do little more than stare at the blonde haired girl in silent contemplation before the single thought that he could construct in his mind became vocal:

"Why me?"

... I've been called many a thing, the most popular title is The Storyteller. So gather 'round, children. This is a story you don't want to miss...

This roleplay takes place in a alternate universe of post Season Seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and post Season Four of Angel.

Rules and Regulations

To keep this community from dying, we're expecting at least one post a week unless of course you're interacting with a character through comments. If you want to post more than once please feel free -- in fact we encourage it. We have a two week max rule (because we all know RL loves to get in the way).. if we see nothing from you by then we will replace you. I hate to do that, so please let us know what's going on so we don't have to take that route.

OOC discussion will be made inside tomorrow_ooc. This goes for plotting, notices, or just plain talking.

We're open to plots. You don't need our permission with plots you want to do UNLESS they're huge. If you have a plot you want to do with another character ask their permission first -- that also is a rule before you decide to harm/kill their character. Consent is a must.

Dead characters like Doyle are allowed but we're very picky on this. You have to give us a good reason on why they're back and how which you can send to tomorrow_mods@hotmail.com.

Originals are accepted but must be provided with a background and profile. If we feel the character is too powerful or any other reason we'd feel it wouldn't fit we will decline it. This also means we're aren't responsible for YOUR character to get into the roleplay -- while we will help and this goes for EVERYONE'S character, the character is your responsibility alone. Be creative!

Ships are not set here -- that is up between two players. We would like to see the relationship progress (unless you decide to a relationship that the character is currently involved with in the season we're in) -- it'd just be confusing if Connor and Fred all of a sudden come up out of nowhere with "we're in love!" for example.

Players are allowed multiple characters -- three is the limit though. :)

This game has no rating for roleplay can range from PG to NC-17. Any logs NC-17 or above should be posted behind a livejournal cut so we don't offend players. Speaking of which, RESPECT. Respect your fellow MODs and players! If the post is not behind a cut then the rule is violated and the mods will be forced to lock the entry until it is edited for content. This is the first warning of a two-strike rule. This is a game -- let's try and reduce the un-needed drama, eh?

Though The Storyteller exists this is not considered moderated roleplay. The Storyteller prepares situations for characters to interact/respond to. He will NOT take liberties for characters (except the ones he plays, obviously). The ONLY time the Storyteller is authorized to take a liberty is when a character needs to be recast. The recasting character will be forced into a situation -- to explain the idleness while it's recast -- that the incoming player of that character will be able to RP out of.

Have fun. That's what roleplaying is all about!

Other Information

Questions? Comments? Flames? E-mail us at tomorrow_mods@hotmail.com.

Character applying can be made in the post at tomorrow_mods -- please include a sample of your writing or a link. Also inform us of the journal you're going to be using for that character. We're open to other characters not listed below (example: Oz) also.

To keep out confusion, Connor and Cordelia didn't have sex. Cordelia never fell into a coma. Jasmine came from someone else. So yes -- that means our lovely Lilah is still alive.

To read exactly how the game got started, go here for a fanfic version of the beginnings of this comm.

Angel Investigations
Angel -- undead_handsome
Illyria -- not_the_shell
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce -- dark_wesley
Charles Gunn -- OPEN
Cordelia Chase -- xxcordeliaxx
Lorne -- OPEN

The Scoobies
Buffy Summers -- wiccabuffy
Dawn Summers -- bloodtied_dawn
Xander Harris -- xander_lavelle
Rupert Giles -- soddedwatcher

The In-Between
Spike -- big_pile_o_dust
Faith -- _xfaithx_
Connor -- OPEN


The Evils
The First -- the_1st_evil
Drusilla -- singtodarkness

Wolfram & Hart
(currently frozen)

Moderators: _xfaithx_, dark_wesley, and big_pile_o_dust.
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